A must read before purchasing a used car in Costa Rica

Autor: Alfredo Espinoza
Ingreso: 21-03-2014 01:34:57 pm

We are Canadians who has a vacation home in Jaco, we need a good reliable used vehicle while we are here, as the cost of rentals is extremely high.

We were told to be very careful in when shopping, as a lot of the used cars have odometer rolled back, or vehicle that were insurance write off.  Or the seller claim to be the only owner, just to find out they were many previous owners.

We looked at several and found this is true among many other false claims so buying a car became a nightmare.

We were fortunate to have a friend refer us to CertifiCar, a service that charges you $300. 00 to look for up to 4 vehicles in your price range,  They will thoroughly check the vehicle for defects, history, certify the mileage, look to see if it was in an accident, etc. and give you their full written review and  recommendations.

The owner is Alfredo Espinoza a very honest man with 35 years in dealing with Automobile, I found him to be best contact when purchasing a vehicle as my three hundred was the best investment I made. Alfredo recommended a vehicle which we purchased and are very satisfied with, he was helpful in arranging the paperwork in getting it in our name. They are located on the Web under www.certificarautos.com  or contact 2222- 2442 // 8923-3333 it is worry free car shopping.

Dave and Sandra Sitaram

Bowmanville, Ontario

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